This is your one-stop shop for planning amazing worship experiences for Advent, Lent, and other seasons of the liturgical year. Check out all of our fully-scripted series below! Get access to all of these and many other series and resources for worship by becoming a member of the Worship Design Studio!

What are fully-scripted worship series?

Fully-scripted worship series from the Worship Design Studio are designed to give you the complete package of a ready-made worship series for you to share with your faith community.

We do the work of developing original liturgies, prayers, sermon fodder, visual and media design ideas to transform your worship space, and collaborate with nationally-known guest experts to create original music, small group resources, suggestions for children's time, and more. Our series offer new meaningful and memorable themes to explore during the standard structure of liturgical seasons throughout the year. Our fully-scripted series include:

• Full scripts for worship services in their entirety: everything from the Introit to the Benediction!

• Original music written specifically for the series, plus lots of suggestions for music in popular songbooks and sources that fit well with the series themes

• Visual and Media Arts document with tons of ideas for creative lighting, crafts, images for projection and publicity, and more!

• Children's time scripts and suggestions for engaging your young ones in worship

• Small group resources to boost your congregation's engagement with one another beyond the walls of your church

• Sermon fodder to inspire your writing of the message. We don't give you the entire sermon; that part is up to you! But, we do provide ideas to spark your creativity.

The best part is that you are welcome and encouraged to tweak our materials for your own context.

NEW for Easter Season 2020 "Heart of the Matter"

This fully-scripted series has been specifically designed for online worship. As many communities are sheltering in place to ride out COVID-19, we wanted to create a series that would resource pastors and teams with a meaningful Easter season experience. This series along with other resources is available for free at

Ordinary Time / Anytime Series

This Ordinary Time Summer series was designed in collaboration with Creation Spirituality Working Group. All about celebrating our inherent goodness as God's creation!

This Epiphany "Plus" series explores all forms of creativity as a spiritual process.

Holy Week resources with scripts for Palm Sunday liturgies, dramatic readings for Maundy Thursday / Good Friday service and Easter sunrise service

NEW! "A Wonder-Full Life: Looking at Money and Meaning" is an Ordinary Time Fall series that focuses on creating a healthy relationship with money. Perfect for a stewardship theme.

"Roll Down Justice" was originally created for the Lenten season, but we have adapted it for use at any time of year. This series works well in the Easter season, or starting at Pentecost and after.

Learn more about "Roll Down Justice" for any time of year HERE.

Our series for Lent

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This series takes your congregation on a journey of seeing life’s difficult times as a time of spiritual gifts.

This series connects the call of our baptism to the work of making this world a better place.

This series invites us to get quiet enough to hear the still, small voice of God and find our own voice.

This series asks us to slow down the hectic pace of life and reconnect with an unhurried God.

NEW for 2020: This series pulls us into the dramatic story of Holy Week during the entire season of Lent.

Watch this space for more series in the future!

Our series for Advent

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This series celebrates the 200th anniversary of the beloved hymn, "Silent Night."

This series helps us see our roles as messengers who offer assurance to the world– “Do Not Be Afraid."

This series uses the story of Ebenezer Scrooge to remind us to let go of the past, relish the present, and hope for the future.

"Heaven and Nature Sing: 300 Years of Joy to the World" is a celebration of the 300th anniversary of the writing of the beloved Christmas hymn, "Joy to the World."

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